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Downhill Mountain Bikes

Downhill mountain biking is a branch of bicycle sports wherein riders race downhill, starting alone at set intervals, to aim for the best time to finish the entire course.

Downhill mountain bikes, or simply referred to as downhill bikes, are bicycles that are intended for this kind of sport. These bikes are built to outlast the steep jumps and rough terrains that are usually common in downhill races. These bikes are sturdier than usual mountain bikes and are therefore heavier. The geometry of their frames lean back further compared to other bicycles and feature full suspensions. Typical downhill bikes will also have thicker tires compared to other bicycle counterparts.

Since downhill riding is considered as an extreme sport, extra precaution is very much needed. Riders are advised to wear helmets that cover the whole face, similar to that in motocross. Falling is very common in downhill biking, therefore a body armors is also much needed together with elbow and knee guards to prevent serious injuries.

Hybrid Cycling

Hybrid bikes usually have frames that are lighter compared to those of a mountain bike’s but heavier than a road bike’s. Like mountain bikes, its handlebars are typically flat and the rider sits in a more upright position than when on a road bike. Hybrids have larger wheels, like road bikes, only heavier and more solidly constructed than race wheels. Tires are a compromise between the smooth, narrow, high-pressure tire of a road bike and the fat, wide, markedly knobbed tire of a mountain bike.

The “Typical” Hybrid

There’s really no “typical” hybrid bike characterization. This type of ride runs the entire range from the pure mountain to the pure road bike.

At the mountain bike end of the scale, a hybrid can be made to be up to the task of riding on well-maintained gravel paths and beginning-level, non-technical trails.

At the opposite road bike end of the continuum, a hybrid may be suitable for medium-length fitness and endurance rides on paved roads.

However, just because the bikes are called “hybrids” does not

Carbon Clincher Wheels

One feature known for these wheels’ superiority is their lightweight build, which makes it easier to control or steer the bike as you accelerate downhill. They are also good when facing an uphill ride. Having a resin makes the wheels heat resistance and the matt black spokes are hand crafted. In addition, High-tech basalt Kevlar break walls are present and aluminum sidewalls to support the full performance of the basalt Kevlar breaks in any kind of condition further enhance this.

The bodies and axles on Carbon Clincher wheels are crafted from reinforced aluminum with a unique focus on depth to ensure the wheels can perform in any kind of terrain. This means the rider can go fast on rough surfaces and even faster on smooth surfaces. Ascending steep sections will not be hard but you need to be careful when going downhill since you will be on high speed and the corners might came up quicker than you anticipate them.

The smoothly sealed bearings on the Carbon Clincher wheels are highly durable and easy to

Get in Shape for Sports

When it comes to sports and athleticism, it’s all about fitness, and fitness can be a realy uphill battle for many of us. This is unfortunate for many reasons, of course, but it’s also unfortunate because so many of us have an interest in sports, but we’re often too out of shape to feel like we can participate. This is nonsense, of course, because outside of pro sports, maybe college, the stakes aren’t that high, so why does it really matter? But, I digress. Instead of worrying why it’s not fair, let’s talk about how you can take control of your life and put yourself in a position to feel like you can put yourself out there and just play. Here are some tips to help you get in shape and ready to play ball.

First and foremost, let’s talk diet. The average American diet is saturated with processed foods, and that’s a problem. These items have become ubiquitous because of their low cost and convenience, but this comes at a cost. These items are so chock full of salt and sugar that they’re nutritionally bankrupt, so it’s in your best interest to avoid these items. Instead,

Cycling in the Heat

By the time I got back down to the front range plains the temperature was pushing 90 and only got higher until I finished around 11:30. Ah, home and the wonderful effects of A/C and a cold shower.

Riding in high temperatures takes a toll on the body in strange ways. You need to prepare for the ride as you normally would by eating a good high carb breakfast, with orange juice, water, or coffee which ever you prefer. Just be sure you’ve hydrated sufficiently before you leave.

My routine, when I know I’m riding a fair distance in warm to hot air, is to begin hydrating the night before. I know that other riders have experienced this too, your body seems to sense when you are preparing and you consume more than usual.

Many riders are taking to Camel Backs to increase the amount of water available; combined with two water bottles you have enough carry you through most areas that don’t have any support (read: gas stations or convenience stores).

I generally mix one bottle with Accelerade because I like the proportions of carbs, protein, sodium and it keeps me energized longer.

Types of Mountain Biking

Downhill: Riding a bike down a hill is downhill biking. The terrains are steep which make biking dangerous. The cycle and the rider reach the point of descent by some other means and start downward riding from there. The rider has to negotiate rough terrains, large jumps, deep drops, and fatal venues. Well equipped bicycle, protective covering, and personal strength are the basic requirements to win this perilous course down the hill.

Four Cross/Dual Slalom (4X): is a sport in which riders ride on separate tracks to compete. The racers have to encounter dirt jumps, gaps and berms. Many racers of high repute prefer either downhill or Four Cross/Dual Slalom (4X).

Freeride / Big Hit / Hucking: gives freedom to do anything: From downhill racing to jumping, riding trails or on elevated trails connecting bridges.

Dirt Jumping (DJ): In dirt jumping a rider becomes airborne by riding over mounds of dirt and soil and then lands on the land.

Trials: This is an excellent display of balance. A rider is expected to hop and jump bike over obstacles while his feet should not touch the ground.

Urban/Street: Tricks are performed over man made

Pick Mountain Bike

The first question to ask is how much are you willing to spend. It is important to understand that it is not just the cost of the bike. If you are new to cycling, you may also need to buy accessories like a helmet, riding shoes, padded shorts, water bottles, bike rack, and pedals (WAIT… WHAT… My bike won’t come with pedals! In most cases, higher-end bikes do not come with pedals with the assumption that higher-end riders have their own preferences. And if it does come with pedals, they are just the basic pedals that came on your Huffy when you were a kid, and you will want to change them out, anyway).

Assuming you are not just looking to buy a bike from Target, Most Bike Manufacturers offer Mountain Bikes from a few hundred dollars to, in some cases, over $10,000. If you are reading this post, you probably don’t need a $10,000 ride. However, if your budget allows, you may consider spending anywhere between one to three thousand for a bike that you will be able to keep around for a while, as your skill level increases.

The reason prices vary so dramatically

Using Bike Lights

Mountain Bike Racing

If you have fully functioning bike lights you will be able to race until your heart’s content. Mountain bike racing is for the technical rider; the main categories are cross-country and downhill. Bike racing is highly competitive, therefore when night falls you will need that extra bit of help. If night falls unexpectedly do not allow yourself to be caught out, organise your bike in advance and do not forget to take back up lights. If the race takes place in the day time it is still a good idea to take precautions, the weather can affect the clearest of skies and leave you in the dark. Prepare yourself for a ride of a lifetime with the most superb lights, you can guarantee it won’t be something you will regret.

Bike Lights and the Beginner

If you are new to bike racing then now is the time to equip yourself with the best bike lights around. You may have already been told to be prepared when racing for the first time and you may have known that you need a light. If you do not know where to start then why not

Cycling when Cold Weather

The key is to find clothing that is breathable yet breaks the cold wind in the morning. For my legs I have tried cheap lined nylon pants with my riding shorts underneath. This didn’t work out to well with my legs being soaked in sweat by the end of my ride. That is not a good thing when it is below freezing, you need to find something that will wick the moisture away. It is worth the money to get something better. I went to the Web to find what I was looking for and I found great deal on some fleece cycle tights. Well that solved the leg issue they were great they cut wind and kept the moisture away. The lower half was doing great now! Two points to remember, one, you should have enough room for your cycling pants underneath the fleece tights. This brings me to the second point it is better to have these over your cycling pants because during the evening when it is warmer you will want to remove these to ensure you don’t get overheated heading home. In temperatures below 20°F (-7°C) you may want to add some nylon shell

Rocky Mountain Bikes

The best thing about this type of bike is that it can climb even in very unfriendly terrains. It makes its rider feel comfortable in biking through stiff and hard trail. Bikers can stand on the pedal or sit without any problem. Front forks and pro pedals allow fast climbing even in steeper terrains. Rocky mountain bikes becomes stiff and firm if the pro pedal is set maximum and the front forks is locked. This bike becomes perfect for climbing when the front fork and pro pedal are combined correctly.

This type of bike does well on steep and technical climbs, and can clear tough sections particularly in off chamber, slippery and dusty roads. It gives a firm and perfect hold even on a road that is covered with sandstone gravel.

This can clear even the hardest to clear tracks. Single tracks such as tight tracks and hard twist tracks can easily be negotiated with ease while riding rocky mountain bike. Its handle bar gives confidence and comfort to its rider with the help of its good grip. This feature is perfect for navigating through steep, rocky and unpaved trails.

The only weakness of this

Designs of Mountain Bikes

You have to consider some important factors in choosing the bike that is perfect for you, especially when you are a beginner. Consider your preference, for there are so many choices within these categories. Mountain bikes can be classified into four categories: they can be classified as fully rigid, hard tail, soft tail, or dual (full suspension).

There are different designs available to choose from. Usually defined by the terrain. You may choose form cross country types that usually have only small amount of front and/or rear suspension and relatively light, which is achieved via the use of lightweight materials and construction in both frame and components. The all mountain bikes, which bridge the gap between cross – country and free ride bikes.

They are designed to be able to climb and descend well, these bikes are intended to ridden on all day rides involving steep climbs and steep descents. Free ride are similar to downhill bikes, but with less emphasis on weight and more on strength.

The components are built from stronger, consequently heavier, materials. They can be ridden uphill, but are inefficient and their moderately slack head tube angles make them difficult to

Bike Deals

1. Using keywords- When searching on Craigslist use different sets of keywords and search categories. Use the keyword bike and then bicycle.

Browse the bike category without any keywords. Many people will not use specific terms in their craigslist posting. For example the poster might refer to their bike as a cool old school bike but didn’t specify that it is a vintage Schwinn Krate. If you did a search for “Schwinn Krate” this bike would not bring up the “cool old school bike” that just happens to be the “Schwinn Krate” you have been looking for.

Search under the “all categories” category. Many people do not post their items in the right category. Looking outside the bike category sometimes brings the results you were searching for. Plus, if you are able to find a bike listed outside of its category you may be able to get a better deal. In this situation the seller may assume that no one is interested in his listing because no one has contacted him regarding it. In reality, no one has seen it because it was posted in the wrong place. If the seller feels there is little interest

All about Mounting Biking Sport

People who are interested in mountain biking should start by doing their research on the sport. There are many things they will need to know aside from investing in a quality bike.

Once they decide that they are truly interested in the sport, they can search for nearby trails to start with. Then they need to know the additional gear to bring during a run.

There are basic items that a mountain biker should never forget to bring with him or her. First is water to keep hydrated. Next, they need to wear a helmet at all times. It is easy to stumble and fall during a mountain biking expedition. Then there is the clothing that will make the sport more comfortable. These are cycling pants or shorts that are padded and have suspenders. Shades are also a welcome accessory to guard against the blazing sun. Finally, once they become experts, most people like to invest in gears such as night lights and bike computers.

There are also some moves which can help a biker weave through obstacles in his or her path. Mastering jumps and bunny hops are some of the ways to upgrade

Tacx Blue Motion Turbo

The Decision

After a bit of research, and balancing cost against performance, I decided to go for the Tacx Blue Motion Pro. Firstly, the package seemed to be excellent value for money, as for around £130 you get the trainer, plus a mat and a stand for your front wheel. There are many trainers available at this sort of price, and all look and sound similar, so I went with brand reputation coupled with value.

The Unboxing and Setup

Fairly sure this was poor technique on my part, but the unboxing was an ordeal, culminating in a living room floor peppered with cardboard and polystyrene. The set up was considerably easier, and the instructions straightforward.

There aren’t really many moving parts to the turbo trainer. There’s the main base unit, with the legs, the resistance wheel… and that’s about it. As long as you attach the wheel at the right angle for your wheel size, which again is very clear, you’re good to go. Then you just put the plastic feet on the fold-out legs, and the trainer is ready.

Setting up your bike for the trainer is a little more complicated, but

Specialized Mountain Bikes

Cross Country (XC)

Cross country bikes are lightweight fast, most of them are now built with aluminium or carbon fibre frames, are geared to go over all types of terrain and can handle some pretty severe punishment.


Downhill bikes are specifically built to ride only down hill, they are still constructed with light weight frames come with dual suspension to handle a lot more extreme terrain, they will usually come with larger tyres than your average XC bike, with larger disc brakes which are more powerful and allows the rider greater control.

All Mountain (Trail riding)

All mountain bikes are for general riding, mountain or trail conditions. Although they are designed to be able to climb hills efficiently, they are usually a little heavier and stout than your average cross country bike. All mountain bikes are an excellent balance between efficiency, comfort and control.

Free Ride

Free ride mountain bikes are built tough to handle a lot more punishment than the other styles of bike. A free ride biker will take these bikes through hard hitting trails, drops, jumps and other crazy stunts.

These bikes are built heavy and

Bicycle Maintenance

Check your tire pressure once a week depends on how old your bike is. Every bike has recommended PSI depending on the model and manufacturers. Make sure you use the correct pressure for your tire. Find out the correct PSI from the tire manufacturers.

Wide tires need less air pressure than narrow ones. Road tires will require 80-130 psi, mountain bike tires need 30-50 psi and hybrid tires 50-70 psi.

Second, try to feel your bike while riding it. When you feel something unusual such as clicking sounds, creaking or jingling, there might be something needs to be tightened. Try to ride, brake and rock your bike side to side to make sure everything sounds normal.

Clean and grease the seatpost to keep your saddle at the same height. If your seat’s height often changes, mark your seat’s height with a piece of tape. Wrap the tape around the post to make it stuck on the same height.

Wipe the seat post and the seat tube with a clean rag. Make sure there’s no dirt inside. Smear some grease inside the seat tube and put the post back. Tighten the clamp using a torque

Mountain Bikes For the Girl

Although they have a lot of lower end bikes to compete with the big names like Specialized, Trek, and Giant, their full suspension lines include the Stab, Howler, Stinky, and Coiler and are easily some of the best free ride and downhill bikes on the market today.

What they have in store is yet another great bike for the ladies who by no means want to be left out from the thrills and adventure of the outdoors. This model is called the Minxy, especially designed for the lasses who find themselves as good competitors when it comes to off road pleasures of biking.

Minxy is a full suspension bike designed for a variety of off-road uses, like cross-country, trail riding, free riding, downhill riding and north shore riding. Full suspension improves comfort, control and efficiency by keeping the wheels in contact with the trail more.

This translates to a smoother, faster ride. Suspension travel can range widely with shorter travel more suited to cross-country and the longer travel for DH and Free ride. They can be referred to as full suspension or dual suspension.

Here are a few specifications of the Minxy:


Try Mountain Electric Assist Biking

One particularly well adapted model is the Santa Cruz Bullit. Designed for efficient turning and stability, this design will fit the needs of any hard core biker. Good brakes and excellent handling round out this mountain bike. Don’t be surprised by the price though, any quality model will set you back some serious cash flow. This model goes for around $2,500. You have to be ready to pay for quality, if you want to bike with the best!

Another option for electric mountain bikers is the 2008 GT Zaskar Carbon Expert. Another pricey model, expect this one to set you back around $2,500 as well. Weighing in at just over twenty-three pounds, this model is both light and durable. This option is known for accurate handling and superb quickness. This is a great mountain bike for climbing terrains. Now that you have your bike, we need to discuss skills and different types of mountain biking.

Cross-country mountain biking refers to the most popular aspect of the sport. You either ride from point A to point B or do a loop across varied terrain elements. Typically, the terrain both climbs and descends. Though this is the more

Fun Road Cycling

Those who live in a busy city know how useful bikes can be. You can forget about being stuck in traffic when you are riding your bike, with many cities adopting bike friendly strategies. Fuel these days is also getting more expensive every year, but when you choose to ride your bike, you will not have to worry about those things. Road cycling is adventurous and allows you to discover things that you would not normally pay attention to when you are inside your car. You can hear those around you better, take in the vibe of your city and just enjoy your ride more. Not to mention that it is an excellent exercise opportunity.

On the other hand, those who live in a rural areas have even more reasons to choose their bikes over their cars, because it is more practical. Road cycling offers them the possibility of breathing in fresh air and admiring the beautiful landscape around them. Regardless of where you are from, the countryside will always offer beautiful landscapes to admire the incredible scenery that should not be missed in any season. Those who enjoy cycling know how relaxing it can be. You

Bicycle Tire Flat Prevention

One of the most basic things you can do right now to prevent tire flats is to ensure your tire is inflated to the correct level. Riding a bicycle with the tires under inflated will increase the chances of you getting a flat. A lot of bicycle pumps these days come with a pressure gauge which lets you see whether you have inflated your tires to the proper level. Also, in my experience, if you leave your bicycle for about a week or two without operation and you do not inflate the wheels; this can result in punctures. In addition, when you park your bike, be sure to leave it in a place where the wheels will not be exposed to direct sunlight.

Extended exposure of tires to the sun can and may lead to flats in some cases.

To further prevent flats, you should always be alert and aware of tire care. There are things you can do while riding which will lengthen the life of your tire and prevent steady punctures. Do not ride along pathways that have pointed objects such as broken glass bottles or nails. I would take it further and suggest